In some cases, a homeowner’s property is damaged as a result of the seller or the agent’s failure to dis-close known defects prior to the sale. Your home or property can also be damaged or destroyed by faulty design or construction. Unfortunately, many in our state have become casualties of blasting, earth movement, erosion, and flooding that have occurred in our communities as a result of construction activity.

Property can also sustain damage from fracking and coal mining. Fracking’s cost on the environment is too soon to determine, however, it directly effects home owners when there is a chance of their tap water being contaminated.

Living near fracking and coal mines also raises the concern of being involved in an explosion and inhaling toxic air pollution. The effects of its toxic output through water, fire, or air, can be detrimental to the health of those in surrounding areas.

Finding out the cause of serious property damage and who is responsible is often complex, but our experience representing homeowners and renters can be used to resolve your legal issues with efficiency and care.