All too often, a defective product can cause permanent to severe injuries, or even death, to its user. Sad-ly, in an attempt to rush products onto the market for profit, they are poorly researched and hastily de-signed. Someone may have overlooked details such as small removable pieces that may in fact become choking hazards to children and pets, or failure to warn of proper storage of a combustible item. Many dangers slip through the cracks and unfortunately their efforts to turn a quick profit leave a wake of death and destruction.

The Masters Law Firm--with two trial attorneys, both of whom hold engineering degrees -- have been called upon to protect and pursue our client’s rights related to product injuries. We are steadfastly com-mitted to providing the best legal representation possible in defective product cases. We know that our clients’ futures and possible case outcomes depend on the quality, skill, and aggressiveness our firm possesses when representing them.