In the United States, coal has long been one of our nation’s most important sources of energy. It powers our lights and it powers our economy. Coal mining is one of our oldest trades, starting in the early 18th century. However, in the heart of the coalfields, coal mining injuries and deaths still occur all too frequently. And those loses are felt by all West Virginians.

The Masters Law Firm understands the industry and its safety and rules regulations. Our firm includes two lawyers who are also skilled as engineers. Their in house expertise is an invaluable resource that assists in navigating the complicated technical aspects of mining operations. The Masters Law Firm also consults with outside experts to further investigate the cause of mining mishaps.

In working with retired mining and machine experts, we have successfully represented miners and their families whenever tragedy has occurred. Coal miners simply want to provide for their families and they deserve to do so safely.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or even death due to a coal mine accident, contact The Mas-ters Law Firm for a free consultation.